Living Room Lighting


Chandeliers add beauty to any room. Installing a chandelier is a great way to define your entrance, beautify your dining room or add a romantic touch to the master bedroom. Replacing an old light with a chandelier is an easy way to update your home.

If you’re replacing an old chandelier, you might be able to handle the job yourself. However, you’ll need to call in a professional electrician if you’re adding a new chandelier. You’ll also have to hire an electrician if any of the wiring running to the chandelier is old and needs updating.

Outdoor Lighting

Patio Fixtures

Installing or changing home electrical wiring should be done according to local  electrical codes. A permit and inspections may also be required.

Bedroom Lighting

Hanging Fixture

We can do this for you quickly and professinally.

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Electrical Services

Our Electric Services provide general electrical contracting services, installation of emergency electrical systems (fire alarm systems, back-up generators, exit and emergency lights), data cabling, and electrical maintenance services for all types of commercial and industrial properties.


  • Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Motion sensors
  • Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Installation


  • Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Commerical generators
  • Power Consumption meters
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Electrical Code updates
  • Safety Inspection Services


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